Today, I’d like to share with you the experience of a new customer (called Mike). Mike’s client bought a laptop adapter from their company. After six months, the laptop adapter was defective. After reported this situation to Mike’s company, the client was told that it was necessary to send back the adapter for test and repairing or change to a new adapter. It takes at least 8 days, which make Mike’s client troubles greatly. Because it means he can’t use laptop at least 8 days. In fact, similar after-sales problems not happens only once. Mike is also very upset because he always attaches much importance to customer experiences. However he has to follow to his supplier’s after-sales principle. It makes him not knowing how to improve the situation.

Based on Mike’s case, they have after-sales service but not a efficient process. How about such after-sales service? In my opinion, it is just a basic after-sales service but not good enough. Of course, in this case, Not only Mike should considering how to improve this situation, suppliers as well.

Responsible suppliers not only provide products and a basic customer service, but should be:

  1. Ensure product quality and reduce quality problems;

—-Product quality is fundamental, all customer experience is based on product quality, otherwise whatever how good after-sales service it is. Its still like water without a source.

—-Quality raw materials, product solutions, also complete and strict products quality testing system is very important and necessary for manufacturers. (We control the product’s defective rate within 0.3% before shipping, from the Global customer’s feedback, the actual defective rate is within 2% during 2 years warranty.)

  1. Deal with after-sales problems quickly and professionally, onece it comes.
  2. Urgent customer needs and think about problemsfrom customers’

—– Our factory considers that high cost and inefficient of returning products. Therefore, our after-sales policy is: If any defective adapter during the warranty period, we just need customer send picture of adapter with dc cable cutting. And we will send new replacement adapters.

—– Advantages: It helps our customers save shipping costs, solve problems efficiently, brings good experience to consumers and enhance company image and reputation.

—-We have a team of professional engineers, the quality and appearance of the products have been continuously improved, and if any quality problems, we are capable to give guidance and solutions.

  1. Provide effective advice to clients to help them operate more sustainably and prosperously.

—–Why do we call “after-sales service”, not only “after-sales”? The reason is that after-sales is too basic, and after-sales service is more focused on sustainable development.

A supplier’s responsibility is not just sells the product to customers and solves the problems after the product was sold. More importantly, considering how to help customers sustainable development, and grow together with customer to achieve a win-win situation.

—– A professional supplier should have a professional knowledge of the industry, and can provide valuable reference recommends to customers.

As a matter of fact, for the most thorough standard of after-sales service, i agree with: Customer satisfied service is the best service.
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